Captains Noon Report – Explorer – 2018-10-29

Location: East Guadalupe Island,Mx
Weather: Sunny Skies Lights Winds No Swell Air Temp 73F Water Temp 69-70F Vis 80-100 Current – howling to the south

Today has been EPIC!!!! We had the dynamic duo with us the entire morning starting at 0700. Two of the biggest sharks that cruise the seas made there way to us. Lucy and Scarboard are each about 15 feet if not more and they have been drawing awe from the guests. We had Scarboard come in yesterday afternoon for the last 2 hours but today Lucy and her entourage of 30 pilot fish decided to visit. Scarboard had been very active the entire day going to the baits and took a few pieces from us. Lucy has stayed swimming around the submersible cages coming up every so often to go for the baits. Scarboard skirts by the all the cages . The submersibles and surface cages have had countless encounters with this hulk of a shark. The head on Scarboard is massive. Both sharks are older and bare the marks of their years. The current has really picked up in the morning howling to the south. IT takes Lucy awhile to pass by the cages in the current because of her deformed tail and she is about 8 feet away so we get to see her for a long time. Another favorite is Luca Arnone. He has been in and away from the boat all day. We have had eight or nine different sharks today and the tuna have come out to forage in the current. Another AMAZING day here. Just got out of the cage. Took a non diver in the submersible cage and had four sharks around with Scarboard and Lucy coming in close to him. He was really excited to have the opportunity. crew good/ Guests good.
– Capt. Lowel

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