Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer

Location: Sweet Spot East Guadalupe Island
Weather: Light Swell Calm Air Temp 75F Water Temp 67-8F Vis 80F

Going back to the usual bait today. We have had a drop in the water temp over the last few days. Our last charter the water temp was constant at 69 to 70F. Yesterday and today the temp has been 67 – 68F. The visibility has dropped. I would imagine that the water temp dropping quickly has caused a bloom with plankton. We had a big male and Lucy early in the morning coming up to the baits. Lucy stuck around for the morning. During my cage run there was a large female that was bigger than Lucy that came in for a short period of time. We have had another female and a small white around lately. The tuna are still around in big number size and numbers. More bait fish and even a yellow tail that I haven’t seen in weeks under the boat. Wondering if the rapid drop in temperature has signaled a departure of some sharks. If it has it has been a dramatic change from last charter. Guests were excited to see Lucy. These are shark fanatics on this charter.

– Capt. Lowell

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