Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer – 2018-11-14

Location: North Of Elephant Seal Beach East Guadalupe Island
Weather: Air Temp 75F Water Temp 68F Swell NE 2-3 Wind Calm Vis 100

We made a move mid afternoon due to big swell coming out of the ESE. We made a run to the north past Elephant Seal beach. The water was clearer but the swell was just too much. We went down to Twin Valleys for the night and it was rocky. The swell died down and we woke up to a NE swell that wasn’t too bad. We moved back this morning to where the vis was good yesterday. We started the day at 0700 with cages in the water and will stay one extra hour to make up for time we missed yesterday. So far we have had two sharks. One male named Axel who put on a good show going around for the baits at 0900 and stuck around until he got a bait at 0945 and wasn’t seen again. We had a large female come in about an hour ago and she has been red hot going for the baits. We have had to manage getting people in the water to be able to see the shark. The vis is really good here and the guests have been excited to see the shark after yesterday having a good morning then the swell picked up. Looks like the current has started to the north.

– Capt. Vicente

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