Captain’s Noon Report – Belle Amie

Location: Anchored in the cove at the boiler
Weather: winds 10-15 Seas 2-3 Swell NW 8-12

Last night we finished with a great silky snorkel at Cabo Pearce. There must have been 15 silkies all around. Then we came to the boiler for our last day. We will only do 2 dives here as the swell is picking up. The dives have been great! On the first dive we had so many dolphins, you couldn’t even count them. On top of all those dolphins there were 4 mantas playing with the divers. On dive 2 we have 5 mantas playing with us, and several reef sharks. We are now going to see if we can sneak in at the canyon.

-Capt TJ

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