Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer – 2018-12-13

Location: Isla Socorro, Cabo Pearce
Weather: Wind increase to 5-8 gust 10 knots, seas 1-2′ chop at ancho

Calm wind and seas, sunshine and partly cloudy. Dive 1 was great, water temperature was at 26C and visability between 30-40M. Divers reported 3 friendly mantas, and numerous dolphins crashing the dive sight and playing with the divers. One group sighted a large school of hammerheads near cleaning station in the blue, reported to have possibly 100 sharks in the school! Dive 2- The mantas are still on site, doing looping circles around the divers. Two of the groups were visited by a couple dolphins. Water temp was reported as 26C and visibility is diminishing as wave action increases down to 50-60 f 20-30M. The dive was still very good, however the divers seem anxious to visit some new terrain, so we are preparing to sail to Punta Tosca, and see if we can locate some better conditions and something special! Yesterday afternoon was HOT at Cabo Pearce. Schooling hammers were reported on the first afternoon dive, and mantas continued to interact with the divers in every group. During the safety stop one manta came and lay under the surface above the divers and appeared to rest, or bask in the afternoon sun. We conducted our silkie snorkel yesterday evening at 1845, and for those who jumped into the water it was a amazing experience. The Silkies were behaving like curious puppies more than sharks and following the divers closely, a few times inspecting the fins and giving the divers a start!. We concluded the evening with a fantastic street taco night on the sun (star) deck. Lights, music, a few cerveza’s for the guests, and Chef Steve’s excellent tacos made all very happy. Our guests from Mexico and their friends from Spain showed us all what real salsa looks like after dessert, and they made chef Steve’s homemade pico de gallo bland in comparison.

– Capt. Aaron

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