Captains Noon Report – Explorer – 2018-12-18

Location: San Benedicto Isla, “El Canyon”
Weather: Wind was light and variable at sunrise increasing to 10-12 knots in lee of San Benedicto by noon
Status: Seas calm increasing to 1-2′. Sun and scattered clouds 3/10.

Diving : Dive 1: An excellent checkout dive to start the day! Water temp reported at 26C and visibility was moderate at reported at 15 to 20M (45-60feet) Depending on group and location. We have several repeat guests on this trip, one couple from Germany was on board the Nautilus when the ship sailed Alaska with Capt. Mike, and was again here in Socorro over 10 years ago. They reported a couple mantas, including an all black, sharks including schooling hammerheads, galapagos, silver tips, and a large Tigershark out in the distance. They said ” we saw everything, but we can stay for more dives.” Dive 2: Was a solid dive for most divers. Water Temperature unchanged at 26C, however visibility has decreased on the reef area to 40′ 12-15M reported by some. The current has increased to moderate, and is running from the deep up hill to shallows, but is bringing marine life including hammerheads. One of our guests from France( same town as our DM Nico) Said with humor, “Only 2 mantas this time, and hammerheads” then smiling stated “But the first dive was magic.” A few divers did note the increase in current, and decrease and visibility as a factor, but still had good dives with the mantas and sharks still present. Yesterday afternoon our transit south continued to be a very pleasant voyage. Weather was much calmer than forecast, and running before the wind made the apparent wind almost breathless under the sun, so many of our guests spent time between briefings and meals lounging on the sun deck. The roast beef dinner was a clear hit, with numerous compliments passed to the chef during my visit to the dining area to brief the divers on our ETA, and find out how their day was. All guests and crew happy!
– Capt. Aaron

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