Captain’s Noon Report – Under Sea

Location: Lat N 18 46.528, Long W 110 54.610
Weather: Wind N 10-12 Knts, Sea: N 6-8 fts, Partially Cloudy Cu 4/8
Status: At anchor at Cabo Pearce 96 ft deep

Yesterday we made the 3rd dive at Punta Tosca and after that we proceeded to the Navy Base for a routine inspection. We dropped anchor at Cabo Pearce around 10:35 hrs, after dinner we had silkie snorkel night dive. Almost half of our guests made the dive, the rest were a little tired. Today we’ve had 2 dives with a lot of fauna around the dive site: 5 mantas, a big school of hammer heads 150/200 individuals, 10/12 dolphins, 1 oceanic black tip, 1 tiger and 1 yellow fin. Our guests are really happy. So far, we are planning to make the next day dive tomorrow at San Benedicto and we want to depart this night around 02:00 hrs.

Capt. Julio Cesar

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