Captains Noon Report – Explorer – 2018-12-31

Location: San Benedicto, Reb Bluff by 115′
Status: anchored in 65′, daybreak: Boiler anchored in 104′ .22′ from rocks
Weather: overcast turning to partial sunshine 3/10. Wind: early 10-15 subsiding to 8-10 at boiler, 5-8 N at redbluff with partial lee. Seas: 2-4 occ 6′ choppy to start day, subsiding to 2-4′ at boiler. Redbluff, 1-3′ chop partial lee.

Diving : Dive 1 was fantastic with excellent visibility and very mild current from south against the waves. Choppy on surface but amazing conditions for diving reported 40M (by DM) or 100 plus feet by guests. Up to 5 different mantas were sighted and spent the majority of the dive with the divers, the last group enjoying them for nearly 35 min. All guests were very happy, despite reporting a slightly colder water temperature of 75f(25C). The last group I picked up had hot apple cider waiting for them on the Dive deck. We are presently preparing for Dive #2 at Red Bluffs. Our second dive was postponed to skiff damage/incident – related below in defect/crew issue. Yesterday afternoon was amazing at Roca Partida. The group as a whole elected to have a break after lunch and postponed the third and last dive until 3. They were not disappointed with the fantastic manta action from three separate mantas, one extremely interactive with the group. It was very pleasant to have flexibility and the entire dive site to ourselves for the day.
– Capt. Aaron

By Noon Reports

Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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