Captain’s Noon Report- Explorer – 2019-01-07

Location:San Benedicto Isla, ” The Boiler”
Weather:24C and visibility at 40M+

Partly cloudy to start the morning, bright and sunny this afternoon. Wind: calm increasing to 5-7NE Seas: 1-3′ swell to 2-4′ swell Diving : Our first dive was considered by many guests best of the trip! The water temperature was reported at 24C and visibility at 40M+ (great) and current mild. The action was fast paced and exciting for the divers with up to ten dolphins interacting closely as well as up to six distinct Mantas circling and cruising in to interact with the divers. Our second dive continued to impress the divers, described as “Perfect”. Conditions were similar to first dive however with the bright sunshine on water visibility opened up over 50M and the current backed to almost nothing. Our divers were surrounded again by inquisitive dolphins, and interactive Mantas, up to seven in view at one time as one guest reported with clear amazement on their face. A large lone hammerhead swimming close to the rock in the sunlite clear waters captured the enthusiasm of even one of our seniour dive masters as he reported as “just increadible”. Our third and forth dives at Roca Partida yesterday were really solid. We had schooling hammerheads show up in the afternoon at Roca and in the 50-60M clear blue water, and minimal current the guests experienced them fully.. I’m running out of positive words to use to describe these dives after six back to back action packed trips so unless I revert to using other languages…words like amazing, great, magical, excellent..have pretty much been the direct quotes for the past couple months. Our snorkelers are having a blast with top water action with the mantas, so I am relieved they are getting a great experience, and they also enjoyed Roca, even without the mantas…lots of compliments for the Chef, even the Italians complimented chef’s pasta last night.

-Captain Aaron

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