Captains Noon Report – Undersea – 2019-01-10

Location: At Anchor at Roca Partida. 245 ft deep. Lat 18 59.34N Long 112 04.79W
Weather: NNE winds 8-12 kts, seas NW 4-6 ft swell. Clear blue sky with clouds at the horizon. Water temp 77F Vis 70-80 ft

Today at Roca Partida. We are sharing the site with Cassiopea, Rocio del Mar and our Belle Amie. We are the fourth in line. Because the number of boats here, we have scheduled 3 dives today. First dive was great, Divers really enjoyed. They saw the famous Roca Partida balconies with all the white tip reef sharks there, plus a few big Galapagos sharks and silvertips, 1 black Manta and a few big tunas, plus a lot of reef fishes. Water temp was warmer than yesterday at the boiler, 77F and vis around 70 ft. There is a moderate current to south. This morning before our first dive We have been able to see a humpback whale like one mile away to West of the rock, we could see some blows and the tail for about 2 mins and then it disappeared. Yesterday at the boiler we had a good afternoon dives as the first one there, mantas that stayed during all the dives. During taco night a couple of dolphins were around the boat were happy watching them. Today we re planing to depart after dinner to Cabo Pearce. All guests and crew happy.
– Capt. Vicente

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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