Captain’s Noon Report-Explorer

Location:Roca Partida
Weather:Water Temp 24c Vis 80ft

Winds 10 -15 NE Swell Wind swell 2-3ft NE Long Swell NW 4-6 Current NW mild switching to strong NE mid day Sitting 1.2 cables from rock on east side. We arrived early in the morning , two boats already here, Valentina and Quino. We were up third for the day. First Dive at 0915. Black manta and a few hammerheads, big tuna cruised by one of the groups. Vis a lot better then at San Ben. Guests liked their first taste of the Rock. Second Dive – three hammer heads and two big Galapagos sharks to the south with a strong NE current that switched from the mild NW this morning. Black manta ad some wahoo. Cotton mouth jacks all hanging in the current. White tips are everywhere riding the invisible current pacing back and forth. After the dive some of the guests were on the back deck when a humpback whale breached a little way from the rock.

-Captain Lowel

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