Captain’s Noon Report – UnderSea – 2019-01-28

Location: Lat 18 46.65 N Long 111 54.56W
Weather: NNE winds 8-10 kts, seas calm inside the bay. Clear sky, 2/8. Water temp 24 C Vis 80+ft
Status: At Anchor at Cabo Pearce. 100 ft deep

It’s a good and calm day, winds are light from the NNE and seas are calm inside the bay. Bright and clear sky with some lower clouds moved by the wind. We have had two dives today. First morning dive water temp was 23 C, no current and a great vis 80 ft+ . It started good, guests could see a few hammerheads at the distance and at the end of the dive dolphins showed up to play with them. Divers were greeted by 2 chevron mantas that were circling around a group of divers that came back to the boat very happy. Second dive was also great! Divers got to hang out with a medium size whale Shark, that stayed almost for the entire dive. Divers were disc discussing the size of the whale shark, some of them said was the same size of the skiff, and others said it was bigger like 8 meters. A slight current started to the East. Viability is the same as the first dive and water temperature is at 24C. Yesterday at Punta Tosca during the third dive we saw a tiger shark at the sandy bottom. After the dive we moved to Navy base for check in and then we moved to Cabo Pearce for our snorkel with the silkies. Nine divers jumped in the water and they had great time with the silkies. At one point there were like 8-9 silkies swimming around. We’ll head to The Boiler and stay there overnight so we can wake up and have some great dives in the morning. Stay tunes for more.

– Capt. Vicente

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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