Captain’s Noon Report – Under Sea

Location: Lat 18 59.48 N Long 112 04.85W
Weather: Water temp 24C Vis 90+ft Minimal current to South West
Status: At Anchor at Roca Partida. 245 ft deep.

Arrived this morning to Roca Partida. A beautiful day today, calm winds and a long swell that makes this place look almost like a swimming pool. What amazing show that a couple of humpback whales are giving by breaching and playing at surface just about 100 to 200 mts from the boat. 2 dives so far, first morning dive was good. A small school of about 20 hammerheads were around the rock, plus the famous whitetips balconies. Just finishing second dive, much better, the same school of hammerheards together with a big school of bonitos, that was highlight of the dive. A group of 5 big galapagos and a few big tunas were also spotted. Stay tuned for more updates!

– Capt. Vicente

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