Captain’s Noon Report – Gallant Lady

Location: Lat. 18 46.5N Lon. 110 54.6W
Weather: Wind NNW light, Cloudy sky
Status: At anchor in cabo pearcer, 89.5ft deep.

We were having a calm time on our stay in here Cabo Pearce. Yesterday during our last dive we spotted baby’s silver tips, blanket, and big Galapagos. After that dive we were ready to set sail to Cabo Pearce. With a smooth sailing we arrived at 22:30 and anchored down for the night. This morning we did a quiet dive at 08:45 wiyh low current, vis 82 +, Water Temp: 26C. After our 2nd dive the guest came out so happy from the water because they had a giant manta playing around the guest. It has been a good day. After our 3rd dive we’re go to leave Cabo Perce to go to the navy base, and after that we are going set sail Punta Tosca for our morning dives tomorrow.

-Capt. Adrian

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