Captain’s Noon Report-Belle Amie

Location:Roca Partida, 18.59.45N – 112.05.16N
Status:sitting in 225Ft of water
Weather:5-8 knots winds form the NW, today visibility averaged 80Ft, water temperature is 78F

Day is sunny, skies are blue with some white in it, the Belle sits still, weather conditions are close to perfect however the dives have not been all that good despite the fact that guests saw a manta and some of the sharks we have here. We are having some strong currents making the dives a bit challenging for guests. Now the surface has been super good as we have seen lots of action, having false killer whales just meters away form the boat, dolphins and out in the distance a couple of humpback whales leaping clear out of the water.

-Captain Beto

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