Captains Noon Report – Undersea

Location: Lat 19 17.83 N Long 110 48.54W
Status: At Anchor at The Canyon. 55 ft deep
Weather: NW winds 8-10 kts, seas 0-2 ft fm W Cloudy sky Water temp 77F Vis 30-35 ft No Current Today

At the canyon with two dives so far. Southern sport is here, we are second in line. First dive was good, current was a little bit stronger than the second dive, to the NE. and vis wasn’t so good. But dolphins arrived where the divers were, so dolphins made the dive great. A couple of black tips sharks, and a galapagos shark. Second dive was better, current is decreasing, and vis became a little bit better. This time one Manta stayed almost all the dive with divers, plus they were able to see 4 hammerheads, silvertips, black tips, silkies. Yesterday at the boiler dives were good in all dives they were able to see at least two mantas. In one of the dives some of divers were able to see one tiger shark.
– Capt. Vicente

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