Captains Noon Report – Undersea – 2019-02-12

Location: 18 59.55 N Long 112 04.85W
Status: At Anchor at Roca Partida. 250 ft dee
Weather: N winds 7-9 kts, seas N 2-3 ft + NW 5-7 ft Clear sky with patches of clouds 3/8 Water temp 78F Vis 30-40 ft Strong current from NE

Arrived this morning at Roca Partida and the whole place was just for us, but later Cassiopeia arrived to the site. We had two great dives at the rock. First dive a pod of dolphins was waiting for divers at the rock to dive with them, plus 2 mantas and a lot of sharks, Reef Whitetips, Galapagos and silkies. Also 4 hammerheads and a lot of fishes, schools of bonitos and jacks around the rock. Current was strong from E and the vis wasn’t so great but was good enough to everybody could see almost of everything. Second dive was great as well, one of the groups saw a school of 30 hammerheads + a school of yellowfin tunas together they came up after 30 mins of diving but they were super happy. The other group didn’t see the school of hammerheads but they saw the Mantas and the big schools of bonitos and jacks plus Galapagos sharks and silvertips. Current changed a little bit from NE but still strong. Vis keeps the same around 30 to 40 ft. Yesterday at the Canyon, visibility didn’t get better and current changed to SW. All guests and crew are happy.
– Capt. Vicente

By Noon Reports

Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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