Captains Noon Report – Undersea

Location: Lat N 18 59.4′ Long W 102 05
Weather: strong winds from the NNE 8-10kts and sea around 7-9 fts
Status: 80-85 fts + and temp_77F

Yesterday at cabo pearce the day started so dark, and with winds so calm, perfectly for the dive, our crew have been working so hard and they show their professionalism at sea as a result the Guests are so happy. They have seen many species of animals for example Octopus, mantas, dolphins and silvertips. Our plan for today is to go to the navy base for the inspection, after that we’ll go to punta tosca to do the snorkel at night. When we finish with the snoekel we will sail to Roca Partida. Today at Roca Partida in our first two dives the guests were so happy because they saw so many fish. They also saw 3 Chevron Mantas, 10 silver tips, 8 dolphins, 7 Galapagos, 3 Silkys and around 15 tunas. We hope that the last dive will be awesome as well. All guests and crew doing great!
– Capt. Adrian

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