Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer

Location: Anchored at Roca Partida
Weather: Winds 10-12 kts N’ly. Sea 2-5 ft NW
Status: Sea temp 75F vis 85+ ft.

We had a great last dive yesterday at Tosca. The guests didn’t see much in regards to large life but saw lots of small fish and huge lobsters, the guests enjoyed Tosca, especially the beautiful sunset we had. Silky snorkel went very well, we did it in Punta Tosca instead of Pearce. The divemasters said the snorkel was much better here than at Pearce, with 10-12 silkies swimming with the guests. The visibility was lower but it didn’t affect the overall experience. Today the first two dives at Roca have been excellent. Divers guests saw 3 mantas, a huge Galapagos, and many many whitetips. Another huge shark was seen, no one seems to know what type, but are looking at videos to identify it. Plenty of other fish to be seen such as tuna and wahoos. Also a couple whales on the surface, keeping our hopes up that they will come to the divesite.

– Captain Lowell

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