Captain’s Noon Report – UnderSea

Location: Lat 18 50.6 N Long 110 55.5W N
Weather: N winds 2-3 kts, seas calm, Water temp 77F Vis 70-80 ft
Status: At Anchor at Cabo Pearce. 33 m deep.

Beautiful blue skies with patches of clouds. Yesterday we had our silky snorkel and sailed to ‘the canyon’ afterwards. Today at the Canyon we performed the first dive of the morning where our divers could observe Silkies, hammerheaded shark and Mantas. Then we moved to the Boiler to do the other dives, and they left very happy because they observed Chevron Mantas, Galapagos, Black Mantas and Silkies, Visibility was at 60-70, water Temp. 75 F and strong current NE.

– Captain Adrian

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