Captain’s Noon Report-Explorer

Location:Anchored at Roca Partida
Weather:winds N 8-12 Seas N 1-2 Swell NW 4-5,vis over 100, temp 24C

Roca Partida has delivered today! First dive we had a large school of hammerheads, then some silver tips, galapagos, and a dusky shark. Deano reported seeing about 20 white tips stemming the current in unison to aerate their lungs. Pretty amazing first dive. Then on dive 2 we had 2 schools of hammerheads, one small and one large, then the same dusky shark, some silver tips, and galapagos sharks. It was spectacular. Cant wait to see what dive 3 brings. Yesterday on dive 3 and 4 at Cabo Pearce we had a very large school of hammerheads. Minimum 100! There were also dolphins in the afternoon. Great way to leave Cabo Pearce.

-Captain TJ

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