Captains Noon Report – Explorer – 2019-04-08

Location: Isla Socorro, Punta Tosca
Weather: Beautiful day. Sunshine, few scattered clouds 2/10, Wind 5 knots N Seas 2-3′ at anchorage.

We departed Cabo Pearce to arrive at the Navy Station first thing this morning to conduct our inspection. The guests, after enjoying a sleep in, were also treated to a humpback whale putting on a show within 300 m of the ship as we awaited authorization to enter. Dive 1 at Punta Tosca was thumbs up and big smiles as the first boat arrived. The group saw a Black Manta, and “some FAT hammerheads” to quote one of our divers. The second and third groups also had positive dives in particular with the presence of those fat hammerheads. The visibility was moderate to Good, there was minimal current but a little surge on the finger reef. Water temp was reported at 26C. Yesterday afternoon’s third dive was very good at Cabo Pearce, current had diminished and a couple Mantas provided the interaction with our divers that we had been looking for. As well several large hammerhead came within close range for some great photos. The fourth dive was fairly quiet with low current, and good conditions but only a few reef sharks and a solitary hammerhead reported. We finished a great day with taco fiesta and numerous guests stayed up socializing, enjoying a cold beer or margarita, and a watching either the stars from the darkened top deck, or the silkie sharks swarming around the aft deck chasing baitfish drawn in by those lights. All guests are having a great time.
– Capt. Aaron

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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