Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer – 2019-04-15

Location: Roca Partida by .19′ north anchored in 247′
Weather: Visibility was superb 30 to 40 m

Beautiful! Slightly overcast and warm. Dive 1 was great and current was none existent other than light surge near the rock. Numerous species of fish, including schools of tuna that were actively hunting and one group witnessed a small bait ball form with sharks in abundance such as galapagos, and silkies, as well as numerous white tips on the balconies and a few hammerheads. Dive 2 improved on a similar cast of animals, with a couple groups witnessing a large 40-50 member school of hammerheads up close, and in 40 M visibility. Water temp was reported at 25C, and the conditions are near perfect below and above water. A large pod of bottle nose dolphins swam by the ship during the time between dives putting on a show, and fingers crossed they return while our divers are in the water for dive 3. Yesterday afternoons dives were both excellent, and we concluded the day with Mexican Taco fiesta on the sun deck, as the sun set, and then into the night with party lights, a little music, and great cooking by Kiki. The guests really appeared to enjoy themselves, but after a long day diving then a big meal it was quiet by the time we set sail for Roca Partida.

-Capt. Aaron

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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