Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer

Location: Cabo Pearce
Weather: Overcast with sunny breaks
Status:Socorro Isla anchored .1′ off the point, in 103′ water

Dive 1 was fantastic with good visibility 30M and up to 10 very playful dolphins. There was a moderate south current running, and water was reported at 24C. The divers came back all smiles and thumbs up from the dolphin action. The current backed around to Northerly by the second dive and stood up the wind chop making for some white caps and a bouncy ride to the site, however as the divers came up, most said the conditions below the surface were excellent, with 40-50M vis reported, and huge shoals of schooling hammerheads spread out along the bottom. One diver said easily 50, and one DM reported up to 100 for certain. So far an excellent day at Cabo Pearce. Yesterday afternoon at Punta Tosca was ok with a few hammerheads, and a manta sighted, however on the last dive the visibility turned green. The silkie snorkel made up for a slow last dive ten fold, as we had up to 8 silkies cruising in the flood lights, as well as a couple dolphins crash the party and interact with the divers. Everyone, including the spectators really enjoyed the snorkel, and it was hard to get the divers out of the water and into the hot tub so we could relocate to Cabo Pearce. Stay tuned for more updates.

-Capt. Aaron

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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