Captain’s Noon Report – Under Sea – 2019-05-13

Location: The Canyon, San Benedicto Island

Weather: Wind N 8-12kts; 1-2wind swell frm N; 3 ft long swell from the W Overcast sky with patches of Blue. 6/8 Water temp 23C Vis 60-70 ft very light current to SW

Status: Lat. 19 17.75N Long 110 48.44W

Arrived last night at the canyon. Weather improved. Yesterday’s afternoon wind was quite calm on our arrival. This morning we were having some wind gusts around 12-15 kts. We are at The Canyon sharing the site with the Valentina who arrived a few minutes after us. First morning, dive was good, there was minimal current and the visibility was very good. The best part was the animal life, a couple of dolphins at the very beginning, just when the divers were going down. When they reached the receiver, there were 8 silvertip sharks, a couple of galapagos sharks and a couple of duskies sharks were waiting for them. It was a very good first dive to start the trip. Things got better on the second dive. They saw almost everything including 3 different mantas, a couple of hammerheads really close passing by the receiver, plus a lot of different sharks including galapagos, silvertips, duskies, black tips and white tips. They also played with with a pod of 8 dolphins who stayed for a while really close to the divers. Underneath the boat a school of jacks and silky sharks. Everyone came to the boat really happy. We plan to finish our day at the canyon and stay here for the night.

– Captain Vicente

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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