Captain’s Noon Report – Under Sea

Location: At Anchor at Roca Partida 240 ft depth.

Weather: Wind NNE 8-10kts; 3-4 ft swell from the N Clear sky. 3/8 Water temp 23C Vis 100 ft Strong current from NNE

Status: Lat. 18 59.39N Long 112 05.0W

Yesterday afternoon, we had an amazing two dives at the Manta Highway, two dives with at least 3 mantas on each one, playing around with the bubbles of divers. Visibility decreased by the afternoon but enough to can see the mantas. Today at Roca Partida, first morning dive was good, a couple of hammerheads, balconies full of reef whitetips, few Galapagos and school of Yellowfin tunas, some divers saw a couple of wahoos. The second dive was much better, a pod of 20 Dolphins at the north point of the rock, playing around with the divers passing really close from them and from the rock. The school of medium to big size tunas and a school of bonitos, plus the same shark action as the first dive. Hoping that the rest of the day keeps with the same action. Today early morning sky was full covered of low clouds, around am clouds started to dissipating letting the sun and the blue sky visible.

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