Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer

Location: N 18 59.3, Lon W 112
Weather: Beautiful sunny sky, water temp 22-23 degrees, the visibility was very good 25 mt
Status: Roca Partida

Very strong current from NE to SW. First dive this morning was good, our divers could see a small group of 4 hammerheads, between 5-6 galapagos shark, 5 silky sharks and 1 silver tip.They already came from the second dive and they could see in this dive one hammerhead, tons of yellow fin tuna and wahoos. A lot of jacks always present in both dives. There are two more dives to be done this day, and our plan is stay here one more day waiting for the big show of Roca.

-Capt. Gilberto

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