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Captains Noon Report – Belle Amie

Location: Anchored at Roca Partida
Weather: winds N 5-10 Seas 0-1. swell NW 3-4

Yesterday afternoon we had some great dives at Roca. Lots of sharks. Yesterday evening we had two great presentations by DAN on the work they are doing out here. They are monitoring the EKGs and using sonograms to look for bubbles after a dive. Saw some videos of hearts with no bubbles after a dive, and some that look like champagne after a dive. Then we learned the basics of DCS. Really great stuff. Today on dive 1 and 2 we had more sharks and tuna. On dive 2 we found a school of 15 hammerheads as well as a large green turtle. Viz 30 meters, water temp 24C, medium current switching from E to W.
– Capt. TJ

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