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Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer

Location: Lat N 19 17.7, Long W 110 48.5
Weather: WNW 10-14 kts
Status: San Benedicto

Calm in bay with swell from SW 3-5 ft. Sunny sky. Our first dive today was good, guests came back happy, not good visibility (5 m), no current and the water temperature was 23. In the first dive they could see two turtles, a lot of lobsters, two hammerheads, some silky sharks, eight silver tip, four galapagos and one black manta. For the second dive they could see one hammerhead, a group of silver tip (6-8 sharks), three galapagos, one silky shark and some moray eels. Now they are already tasting the delicious Enrique’s pizza, Mama mia!

– Capt. Gilberto

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