Captains Noon Report – Explorer

Location: Roca Partida Lat N 18 59.4, Long W 112 04.81.
Weather: NW 10-14 kts, Waves: NW 8-10 fts

Yesterday at the second dive in Punta Tosca, one dolphin rescued the day, playing with the divers they were really amazed. Today is a beautiful morning in Roca partida, we have winds from NW 10-14 kts, Waves: NW 8-10 fts. sunny sky with some cloud patches. Water temp, 24 degrees and visibility was 25-30 mts. Small current from E to W. The first dive here in Roca was amazing, a group of hammerheads was present but what left everyone open-mouthed was a juvenile male, all groups saw it. In the second dive no whale shark but this time tons of different sharks, 10 silver tips, 15 galapagos, 15 silky sharks, 12-15 hammerheads and a big school of bonitos and for one group in the safety stop one black manta. The divers are really excited and they can not wait to do the next dive. All guests and crew doing great!
– Capt. Gilberto

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