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Captains Noon Report – Belle Amie

Location: 20-54.3’N 110-24.1’W
Weather: winds light and variable, seas calm, swell W 3-4 ft

Everyone is still reminiscing over yesterday afternoons dives. We had 4-5 mantas playing with everyone and a juvenile whale shark. Roughly 10-12 ft long. It was very curious as well. Everyone got to see it and play with the mantas. We had milkshakes and cupcakes for the students last night as well as wine and cheese for the adults. It went great. Laurentina makes a mean milkshake. Today we are underway back to Cabo with an ETA of 0800 on July 5th, 123 nm left to go. Everyone is cleaning their stuff, packing, and getting ready to go home.
– Captain TJ

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