Captains Noon Report – Undersea

Location: Guadalupe Island, Lat 29 08 ’13 “N, Long 118 17′ 05” W

Status: Vis. 100 feet, Water temperature 68 degrees, current 2-3 knots North, depth 240 feet, distance from the coast 150 meters.

The Sharks were very active yesterday, our passengers got to see how they tried to bite the bait and sometimes they got it. The divers have been very happy to observe the animals and be able to take the best pictures for their files. Seven sharks were observed in total, 6 of them juveniles with a size between 5-6 feet and one of approximately 8-10 feet could be identified with the name of MR. VALUELINK . Today in the morning 3 sharks, 2 juveniles and a female of 10-11 feet have been present, the divers are excited and making the most of their last day of diving in Guadalupe Island. Vis 100-110 feet, water temperature 67 degrees, no current, depth 240 feet, distance from shore 150 meters. All guests and passengers are very happy.

Capt. Adrian

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