Captain’s Noon Report – Under Sea

Location: Lat 29 08.16N Long 118 17.05W. 0.172 NM from shore.
Weather: Light wind. Seas mostly calm. Overcast skies. Vis 90+ft, water temp 19-20C
Status: At anchor at Guadalupe Island in 246 ft depth

Yesterday afternoon visibility increased at the surface, letting us have some good moments with sharks. By the last hour visibility dropped down considerably. As soon we closed cages we moved south of monkey face and the water looked much better. This morning Visibility has been great 90ft+ and shark action it has been good. 5-6 Different sharks so far, Andy is the one who has been here the whole day giving a show to the guests. Today we are going to depart back to Ensenada with a group of people who are happy and sad at the same time.
-Captain Vicente

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