Captain’s Noon Report – Belle Amie

Location: 12 nm from shore. swinging over 200′ of water.
Weather: Overcast skies, perfectly calm seas and wind. Light current to the south, excellent visibility, and 68 degree water temperature.
Status: Anchored at Guadalupe Island

After the slow morning yesterday, the afternoon was incredible. We had five or more super active sharks. They were incredibly fast, charging for the tuna from all sides for the entire rest of the day. It was almost impossible to keep the tuna on the line. We probably lost 300-400 lbs of Tuna in 6 hours. Everyone was super excited and spent many hours in the cages watching the action. The action today has been as slow as yesterday was fast. There have been 2-3 sharks around and not one tuna has been taken all morning. The few attempts that have been made are more like curious nudges.
-Captain Graham

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