Captains Noon Report – Undersea

Location: At anchor at Guadalupe Island in 257 ft depth. Lat 29 08.00N Long 118 17.04W. 0.160 NM from shore

Weather: Mostly E’ly light winds, SSE 2-3 ft long period swell. Complete overcast skies, mist and drizzle.. Water Vis 30ft at Surface , water temp 20C.

This morning started chilly and gray, completely overcast skies and some mist around as per the TS which it has been decreased. Swell is not bad, is much better than the forecast shows but with it visibility decreased considerably at surface, making a little bit challenging the shark wrangling. Regarding shark action, it has been slow due to the weather conditions, but it hasn’t been bad. Sharks are being around and has stole some baits with a good half body breaches. Probably we have seen 4 different ones this morning. One Shark that has been a while here and had stole a few baits is “Jacques”. Yesterday afternoon shark action was great, we had 3 different sharks at surface a few times. Luca Arnone were here most part of the afternoon giving some good show to our divers. Another shark that we identified was Renegade. At the end of the day we could saw around 11 different sharks. We ended the day with a delicious taco night. Guests and crew doing great.

  • Captain Vicente

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