Nautilus Explorer Captain’s Noon Report

Location: Guadalupe Island. Pos. Lat N 29 09.00 Long W 118 16.85

Status: N 6-10 kts. 250 ft deep, 0.26 NM from shore

Weather: 35 – 40 mts of visibility and 70-71 degrees temperature

Sunny sky. Slow start this morning, the first shark appeared at 0646, between 7 and 8 we could see 3 different sharks, JAQUES and KENDRIC could be identify and one big female, this last looks pregnant. After these sharks, the action is going really slow, . Really good conditions but lazy sharks today. Today we have taco night, looks like is going to be a little bit windy but hopefully we can have a nice night.

-Captain Gilberto

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