Captain’s Noon Report – Gallant Lady – 2019-09-26

Status: Tecolote beach to the Northern tip of Isla de Partida

Today we made a short passage in the morning from the anchorage at Tecolote beach to the Northern tip of Isla de Partida which is North of Espiritu Santos. The guests were able to have their continental breakfast while we were close by Espiritu Santos. The Panga arrived on location and the guests started to get ready for their first dive. On arriving back to the boat the guests seemed really happy with the dive site. Lots of beaming smiles as the panga came alongside the Gallant Lady so the guests could disembark ready for a hot breakfast. The water here is too deep to anchor so we have been drifting just outside the park limits. The new panga company seems great. Really knowledgeable and friendly. The guests saw large puffer fish, king angel fish and lots of sea urchins. One guest even spotted a golden spotted eel and Cortez damsel fish. Fantastic first dive. 4 of the guests have decided to relax on the sun deck for the 2nd dive but will go on the 3rd dive. One guest was overwhelmed by the amount of sardines.. she loved it!

Capt. Oliver Johnston

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