Captain’s Noon Report – Nautilus Under Sea – 2019-10-01

Location: Pos. Lat 31 31.33N ong. 116 51.80 W
Weather: Partially cloudy skies
Status: Underway to Ensenada

Underway to Ensenada. 22 NM to go. WNW 6-9 kts; W 3-5 ft swell. Yesterday afternoon at Guadalupe, weather conditions got bad, strong wind gusts over 20 kts hit constantly in the area, seas picked up, boat started to swing and shark action decreased a bit, but sharks still coming for the bait. Divers were still in the cage till last minute, enjoying it till the last moment. After our departure we got rough weather in our way, 16-20 kts NW winds and 7-10 ft NW seas. Most of guests took anti-seasick pills before depart and they went to sleep to their rooms. By dinner time there were only 5 guests present, the rest were sleeping, trying to not get seasick. This morning seas and wind decreased, but there still was some bigger waves that made the boat roll. By now wind and seas decreased considerably, we just got some swell abeam the boat. All guests are up and they are felling better. Happy for the trip experience and waiting to arrive to port and touch land. We have an ETA to the marina at 14:40 hrs.

Capt. Vicente

By Noon Reports

Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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