Captain’s Noon Report – Nautilus Under Sea – 2019-10-03

Location: Lat 29 08.03N Long. 118 17.06W
Weather: Sunny skies. Calm wind and seas. Water temp: 67-68F, Visibility: 80ft
Status: At Anchor at Guadalupe, 250 ft depth

Arrived last night at Guadalupe, it was calm and flat at the anchorage, Dropped the anchor just in front of monkey face and as soon we secured the anchor we put the cages in the water to have them ready for next day’s action. This morning as soon as we opened the cages and the first bait was thrown in the water, one shark appeared at the surface passing near the cages. He made two rounds around the boat and then disappeared. After that the morning was quiet. In the submersible cages it was a different story! On one of the dives, both submersible cages were able to see a big female shark that approached to the cages and them swam back to deep. The guests could see the unmistakable caudal fin of Lucy! She is back! Lucy came from the deep pass near the cages and went deep again. After that we haven’t see her again. The morning continued to be quiet until another shark came up to surface and stayed for a while, circulating the boat passing close to the hanging bait and then attacking it. Right away all divers wanted to jump in the cages. The shark spent an hour around here taking a couple of baits from the wranglers. We think it is Paul Walker, we need to confirm with a picture. After that, the action has been getting better. We have seen 5 different sharks, 3 males and two females including Lucy. Looking forward for a great afternoon. Early morning visibility was amazing was like a crystal water, by now it has drop just a bit but is still great 80ft. Temperature has been the same 67-68F.

Capt. Vicente

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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SO EXCITED!!!! Lucy is back again this year! Counting the days to October 24 trip to see you guys and my Beloved Fin Babies!! 🦈🎉🦈

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