Captain’s Noon Report -Nautilus Gallant Lady – 2019-10-04

Status: Cabo Pulmo

This morning we arrived to Cabo Pulmo and anchored just in time for a stunning sun rise. Most of the guests were up early for breakfast at 6:30 so by 7 am they were all on deck watching the sun rise. The first pangas arrived in good time and the guests were away by 8 am. The dives were really good with lots of happy smiles. The guests have decided that after the 3rd dive they didn’t want to do a 4th dive as they have early flights and I think they have tired themselves out with so many different dive sites on this trip, with lots of different marine life to see. From a rocky start to the trip to now, its like a totally different group! I think the highlights of the trip were the Sperm Whales and the Sea Lions at Los Islotes. The guests are still talking about them. Steak night last night was fantastic. The guests comments on the food were really positive yet again. Andrea has surpassed herself on this trip.

Capt. Oliver Johnston

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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