Captain’s Noon Report -Nautilus Under Sea – 2019-10-08

Location: Lat 29 07.95N Long. 118 17.05W
Weather: Water temp 67-68F. Visibility 90+ft
Status: At anchor at Guadalupe – 245 ft depth

Sunny skies. Calm wind and seas. WOW! What an amazing morning on our first day of the trip at Guadalupe. Sharks everywhere! We have seen around seven different sharks so far and great action at the surface. The divers just made one submersible round and now they prefer to stay at surface. We have seen Luca Arnone this morning and another familiar but non-identified shark. All guests are impressed even the ones that had come before. They said that it is much better than the last time. Hoping that the action keeps like this the rest of the day. In addition to the good shark action, the day is beautiful; flat and calm seas and calm winds, sunny sky, and clear water. Water temperature 67-68F. Also there is a huge school of sardines under the boat and is amazing to see how they all swim away when the yellowfin tunas are chasing them.


By Noon Reports

Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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