Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer – 2019-10-12

Location: 29° 08.5’N / 180° 17’ W
Weather: Calm seas, sunny sky. Water temperature 19°/20°. Visibility: 25/30 meters.
Status: Guadalupe Island / Monkey Face spot 0.189 CPA to the wall

After a smooth sailing south, yesterday we arrived to the island of the sharks. We dropped the cages while the guests were having dinner, and everything was ready for the first dive day in around 30 minutes. Morning today came with a calm wind and seas, and with the divers waiting for the starting shot at 0630. After the tuna show, a few brave guests jumped in the surface cages expecting to see our “underwater coworkers”. We are able to see 2 males in the surface of around 10 ft and 1 female in the submersible cages. Since then, the morning became clearer and the sun is warming the temperature. More sharks are visiting us in the surface but few of them are showing lazy attitude and don’t put to much attention in our tuna. They are swimming in the surface and trying to take our wranglers by surprise but we are always faster all time.
-Captain Josep

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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