Captain’s Noon Report – Under Sea – 2019-12-01

Location: Lat 18 46.4N Long. 110 54.6W
Weather: Sunny day with low clouds. NNE wind 10-12 kts with gusts 15+ kts; Seas 2-4 ft NNE Water Temperature 26C. Visibility 40-50 ft Strong Current to South.
Status: At Socorro, Cabo Pearce, adrift.

We arrived last night to Cabo Pearce and stayed adrift in the bay, it was a quiet night. Quino El Guardian was already here when we arrived. This morning we started our first dives just after the Quino. The first dive was amazing, around 10 Dolphins were there almost the whole dive playing with the divers. Some silvertips and galapagos sharks were there as well. We are just finishing the second dive, this dive was more challenging as the current increased, but there were 2 chevron mantas and 1 black manta at the cleaning station playing with the divers, some of them had a close encounters with the mantas which made them really happy. We still have two dives to go and then we will go to Punta Tosca to dive tomorrow. Yesterday at the canyon we had more mantas and sharks for the afternoon dives which made the divers have a great day.
– Captain Vicente

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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