Captains Noon Report – Explorer – 2019-12-08

Location: Boiler, San Benedicto Island

Weather: Wind NW 5-8 knots Swell NW 1-2 foot

Very Nice Tropical white clouds with light blue sky Water Temp 80f We departed Roca Partida with nothing but smiles. The last dive of the day topped off the experience with a large school of 30+ hammer heads with numerous silver tip and Galapagos sharks mixed in the school. Just under the sharks was a massive school of large yellowfin tuna. The later dives during the day always bring out the animals. We had to say good bye with the sun setting on our stern. The bow of the Explorer pierced the water and created a small spray on each side of the bow. We have been very lucky with weather and seas and the tropical this time of year smells and feels just a little bit more sweeter. We headed to San Benedicto for our last days of diving at the Boiler. The moon was casting a bright line of light onto the sea and it lit our path to the west of San Ben. The morning sun broke through and we are sharing the site with the Aggressor. The first dive blossomed with dolphins bursting on to the site just after the divers entered the water. A pod of 6 or 7 lured our divers down into the deep like a mythical siren. The dolphins hovered in front of the divers coming within an arm’s reach. The pod danced and clicked for us, their bellies turned a pink color as they played with one another. Two mantas join in with the encounter. A chevron and all black manta glided around the divers to their delight. One group of divers were very lucky to back roll into the water right as a pod of false killer whales went by. The group got a glimpse of a elusive animals. The second dive was even more spectacular. The dolphins stay on the rock tower and greeted us just before we rolled in. 6 dolphins once again danced in front of us as a large black manta circled the group. For 20 minutes we enjoyed the company of both the dolphins and manta. The dolphins disappeared into the clear blue however the manta stayed the entire dive gliding through the groups of divers. All the guests were truly amazed and now have dives to remember for a life time.

  • Captain Lowel

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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