Captains Noon Report – Explorer – 2019-12-30

Location: 18° 59’N / 112 ° 04’ W Roca Partida W/T 25° VZ 30/35 meters light NW currents 252ft depth all chain out 0.2 CPA wall and finger

Weather: Wind: NE 15/20kt seas: calm at anchorage Partial sunny sky

We are at Roca Partida anchored in E side of the rock with a pretty long swell who makes the sensation that the Explorer are sailing in anchor. Both dives of the morning are great with a few silvertips, big schools of tunas, the usual reef fish that we have here and finally school of hammers, but far away in the distance. Working progress with whale sharks. Never know when this can happen in Revillagigedo. We are sharing the spot with 2 vessels and then we will do 3 dives here per park regulations and this evening we will decide if we move to O’Neil and Tosca (2 dive each) if the last dive here is not the best that we can have. Also, we noticed that tomorrow the Belle Amie and 2 other boats will be here. All guests and crew doing great.

  • Captain Josep

By Noon Reports

Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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