Captain’s Noon Report – Undersea

Location: Cabo Pearce, Socorro Island

Weather: Wind NE 10-14 Swell N 1-3 Patch Clouds

Yesterday got some very nice dives in at Punta Tosca. We only had time to make two dives both were fantastic. First dive we had three mantas playing with the groups. Some of the guests had their first experience swimming with mantas. They were beyond words with excitement. One of our group went down the lava finger and saw a school of 20 hammerheads out in the sand. The second dive was the same. Mantas were flying around the guests. Today has been absolutely incredible. This morning’s first dive we had all the groups get an up close look at a rather large tiger shark. It swam up the wall and circled around the guests then darted over to the other groups. Mantas and dolphins greeted the guests when they back rolled in and a school of hammerheads was just off the wall. We have four big animal sightings on one dive. We are just waiting for a whale shark to complete the underwater big five. Second dive we had more dolphins another tiger and the mantas were everywhere. Current had picked up considerably going to the south of the lava finger. On the surface there was a school of Dorado jumping out of the water hunting. Guests are really having a great time.

  • Captain Lowel

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