Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer

Location: 19° 19.7’N / 110 ° 48.7’ W San Benedicto Island “the boiler”

Weather Wind:8-12 kts NE seas: 2-4 ft NE. Overcast sky. Light current to the S, visibility around 30 mts on the first dive and 20 mts on the secod dive, water temperature around 77 F.

Yesterday in the canyon divers could see a few mantas and a lot of sharks on the receiver, silvertips and galapagos, one of the groups could see a big school of hammerheads. Today we moved early to the boiler the first dive was good, 3 mantas almost all the dive, 3 hammerheads and two galapagos, on the second dive divers said probably 5 different mantas and one of the groups could see two hammerheads. All crew and guests are doing great.

  • Captain Gilberto

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