Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer

Location: 19° 19.7’N / 110 ° 48.7’ W
Weather: Wind:6-10 kts N, seas: 4-6 ft N. Open sky with some cirrus. Visibility 80-100ft. Water temperature 77F.
Status: San Benedicto Island “the boiler”

Yesterday we had a good day at the canyon. On the last two dives there were mantas, silvertips and galapagos. The most amazing thing was the two divers below the boat, they wanted to dive there to see the silkies and the jacks and they saw two chevron mantas! Today we moved to the boiler in the morning. On the first dive our guests could see two chevron mantas and one black manta for a few minutes. There were friendly dolphins this morning. All of the groups could see the dolphins and the dolphins stayed for the whole dive with one of the groups. The second dive was magic they said, five or six mantas during the whole dive, people are really happy today.
– Captain Gilberto

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