Captain’s Noon Report – Undersea

Location: Punta Tosca, Socorro Island

Weather: Winds NW 15 Swell Calm In Bay Water Temp 24c Vis 50ft

Nice sunrise this morning illuminating the lava rock with an orange hue. We are all alone here and it is a nice leisure pace of diving today which has been rewarding. First dive a group had a large hammerhead pass close with another group enjoying a manta that kept swimming right above them plus a huge tiger shark swam below them. We had 5 silky sharks swimming around the boat so the guests wanted to jump in on snorkels right after the dive. Nine or ten guests were able to have the sharks come right up to them. Guests were ecstatic with having the sharks coming close. Second dive was nice as well. One group had another tiger and hammerheads and other had four hammerheads passing by. Guests and crew are doing great.

  • Captain Lowel

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