Captain’s Noon Report – Belle Amie

Location: Cabo Pearce
Weather: Incredible blue skies, Wind N 7-9 knots, Swell is calm in the bay, Visibility 60-80′, Water Temperature 75F
Status: Cabo Pearce

We have had such a good day today, we are all alone again with beautiful views of the lava formation. We set our dive to 0800 because the dolphins here at Cabo Pearce are not morning risers and they were right on cue. A pod of 9 dolphins came right up and bumped a few of the guests as they were filming them! Mantas and hammerheads in big numbers were all seen as well. The current is running strong to the south but the divemaster really kept an eye on our guests as the mantas kept coming. The second dive still had a current but we were able to see a pod of 6 dolphins. Two more dolphins came by and then two more came even closer. We headed along the other side of the rocks to find one chevron manta out of the current. We followed that manta which led us to another manta and continued to lead us to an all-black manta that was accompanied by three bright orange clarion angelfish pecking away in the shallow water. It was beautiful. The contrast between the massive black manta and the orange cleaner angelfish was just picture perfect. A school of hammerheads, ranging in the 20’s, was right below the groups as well. A distant whale was heard singing throughout the dive. Guests were really happy with the dive.
– Captain Lowel

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